The Birth of Joy

Awed by his birth!

Awed by his birth!

“When they saw the star, they were filled with joy!”

Matthew 2:10 New Living Translation


Here’s to ubiquitous joy and unquenchable peace!

The hurried dash to Bethlehem to register for the census would hardly have been labeled as joyous. Not with the baby already considered illegitimate by many.

 And the overwhelming crowds and “No Vacancy” signs in evidence everywhere would not have contributed to anyone’s peace. This was more like a disaster enveloping everyone in the story.

Yet out behind the full inn, with farm animals lending both aroma and curiosity to the events unfolding before them … a baby makes its difficult way from the very throne room of heaven and through the birth canal of a young virgin.

This baby carries the eternal title of “Prince of Peace” and has come to bring unbridled joy into the lives of those who would know Him. I used the word ‘ubiquitous’ because, although I can’t pronounce it, I love its meaning.

 Omnipresent … world-wide … in all places … right and left …

hither and yon …everywhere under the sun.

So on this Christmas Eve, Paul and Joan (Fresh Heart Ministries) want to wish you this kind of joy! It’s a joy that defies circumstances, mends broken hearts, puts life in perspective and is perpetually available.

Mary’s Child didn’t make promises He couldn’t keep. He is still the solution to mankind’s’ many ills is still able to provide with joy unspeakable … filled with his glory.

 Thank you for your participation in this weekly forum of faith. We treasure each of you and pray that God will anticipate your every need … will satisfy the desires of your heart and will fill you to overflowing with both peace and joy.

May there be enough joy in your journey that you can give much to others!


Paul and Joan Walterman


Paul & Joan Walterman

Fresh Heart Ministries







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