Pastors and Pedestals

60 Seconds of Pastoral Pondering


As a pastor, the crowds can make us or break us.


They shouldn’t have the power to do either.


We’ve all been beaten down by negative comments … wrongly encouraged to morph into someone or something we weren’t called or equipped to be … made to be introspective, hesitant and pensive instead of looking forward optimistically.


On the other hand we’ve had our egos stroked and stoked by flattery and compliments … been made to feel like we walk on water … depended on for direction almost as if we were the Holy Spirit.


We can be placed on a pedestal or knocked from it with impunity. The speed with which it happens can give us spiritual whiplash.


But of the two extremes, I am convinced that being set on a pedestal poses the greater danger to us. When knocked down we tend to turn to God and trust him to carry us through. On the pedestal, however,  we are tempted to share his glory by giving ourselves credit for that which we did not do, nor in ourselves could ever do.


Jesus himself fought this battle. In John 6 he has just miraculously fed the multitude. Though he was God and worthy of any pedestal, he knew that this was his time of service, not exaltation. He sensed the people wanting to make him king, so he slipped into the hills by himself!


That’s the kind of self-denial that keeps a leader a servant. That’s the kind of decision that keeps a person’s feet on the ground. That’s precisely the action needed to keep from forfeiting our calling by letting the crowd make us ‘king.’ This is not the time for our exaltation. It’s our time to serve.


The crowd can crown you or can you, but only God can keep your “Kingdom Potential” at its peak and give you a correct appraisal.


The next time the crowd wants to crown you king, head into the hills.




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  1. Senja November 22, 2015 at 12:53 pm Permalink

    So true! thanks for srinahg! the “selfish wife” part hit home with me! As we adjust to life with my husband on third, it has been so tempting for me to be selfish with my time that I would usually have with him here to help with kids, and just…be here! He’s still working one me, and I thank Him for that! Father, teach me true humility!

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