Learning From Jehoshaphat

60 Seconds of Pastoral Pondering


What can a leader do to turn frightened and disoriented people into a confident, spiritually aggressive and faith-filled army? King Jehoshaphat of II Chronicles fame can provide us with some answers.


It’s tough to be a God follower when the God haters are out to get you. Many Christians today feel like the armies of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir have re-gathered and are coming for them. Today’s culture puts tremendous pressure on a believer’s standards, hopes and confidence.


And knowing that a bulls eye is painted on their backs, they find it hard to relate to winning and very easy to submit to eventual defeat. Their confidence level is eroded; they feel growing anxiety about their future. They desperately need you to be a Godly leader.


Here are several things about King Jehoshaphat (II Chronicles 20) that might help us to help the ‘tribe’ that looks to us for direction.


–       First, he was aware of the threat. He wasn’t mindlessly singing Kum Bah Yah to keep his mind off the problem. He knew the threat and what it could do to his flock.

–       Second, he acknowledged his own fears and took them to God. He didn’t immerse himself in the ‘self help’ section of Judah’s national library. He was in over his head and didn’t have the answer he needed for the people.

–       Third, he called the people to prayer and fasting. He did not schedule a five week series on “Everything You Need Is Inside You!” There are actually issues facing us that even the most clever and powerful sermon series are unable to solve.

–       Fourth, he reminded God of the victories God had provided in their past. Actually, this wasn’t really to remind God … it was a faith building exercise that he and the people needed.

–       Fifth, when God responded to their cry for help and gave them assurance of his plan for them, Jehoshaphat led them forward in obedience and faith to gain the victory promised them.


Today, our people don’t need a self-assured leader full of himself and confident of his gifts, charisma and history. They need a humble leader who is sure about only one thing … the power and ability of his God. This man will provide what his people desperately are looking for and must have.



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