God’s Hidden Road

Hidden Roads

Some roads are not clearly defined!

On a trip I like a clearly defined route. I like my freeways to have several uncluttered lanes. I like frequent road signs with a lot of helpful information … like how far it is to my destination and what amenities are available at the next off ramp. I don’t like questions or ambiguity. Don’t make me guess, just give me clear and concise information.

And then there’s life.

It’s like traveling on a cow path under heavy cloud cover making it impossible to even determine the direction I’m heading. Throw in some low lying fog for effect. There are no signs … no indicators of distance traveled or distance to the destination. And speaking of destination, there’s often the feeling that I don’t even know what that destination is!

Hungry? Low in fuel? Need a bathroom break? There’s no way of knowing if any of it is even available, let alone close.

We wonder if we are even showing up on God’s radar screen.

Ah, but we are. Not only are we under Divine Direction, but on a route carefully engineered by God to get us precisely where we are to go. It’s just often well-camouflaged.

Israel had the same perception problem. There were being divinely led but on a road they couldn’t see. It was only later, once they had arrived at their intended destination, that they looked back with a degree of understanding. Their prayer of thanksgiving made this statement: “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters – a pathway no one knew was there!” Psalm 77:19 New Living Translation

 It’s easy to see how you got there after you’re there! But it takes faith to acknowledge the road when you can’t see it. That’s what trust is all about. Take away outward signs and you’re either left floundering in a sea of questions, or holding on confidently to a God who promises a safe arrival.

This week, stop worrying about gas stations and your next fast food rest stop and begin enjoying the adventure that faith often requires. If your confidence is authentically anchored in a faithful God, then let Him handle the trip … the whole trip.

According to Scriptures He takes great delight in leading his flock and getting them safely to his green pastures.

So take great joy in this journey!

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