Kryptonite and the Human Soul

Kryptonite Alert!

Caution! Kryptonite Alert!

Kryptonite was a fictional radioactive ore from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. When he was exposed to it he lost his super powers while mere humans suddenly became ‘superhuman.’ Not a good turn of events for the good citizens of Metropolis!

Is there a ‘kryptonite’ of the soul … something that weakens us while strengthening our enemies? … something that takes away our strength and gives it to another?

What turns “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” into “I’m powerless to deal with what life is bringing me?” How do we move from awesome potential to wasted years and opportunities? Why do great spiritual intentions dissolve into useless apathy?

Might the word ‘neglect’ define the spiritual kryptonite that transfers our spiritual power, potential and promise to another? When God rebuked his people in the Old Testament it was for neglecting his words to them. They abandoned the relationship … disregarded his instructions … were careless and inattentive to his directives.

Proverbs warns us ‘not to neglect our parent’s teaching.’ Proverbs 1:8 Jesus told the religious people that while being careful to adhere to the externals of religion, they had ‘neglected the more important issues of justice, mercy and faith.’ Matthew23:23

The Apostle Paul cautioned young Timothy not to neglect his spiritual calling and gifts but to “give your complete attention to them.”  I Timothy 4:14 And we’re all challenged to keep in fellowship with other believers and ‘not neglect our meeting together’ especially now in these perilous days.’ Hebrews 10:25

This week, pay attention to the basics of your faith. Guard your heart. Listen for and to God’s voice. Stay faithfully in the Word. Celebrate your spiritual heritage. Brag on the good things of God in your life. Stay open to counsel. Don’t close your spirit to the Spirit of God. Be obedient and faithful to everything God has asked you to do.

And be exceedingly joyful that kryptonite is powerless against the power of the One who lives in you!

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