Lavish Gift

Calligraphy pens
They were more than he asked for.


“Dad, could you buy me a calligraphy pen?” asked my fifth grade son David (many years ago). “It’s made by Sanford and I think it costs $.59,” he added.

The following day I was in our town’s stationery store and had located the calligraphy pens. But there were three colors … black, brown and green, and he hadn’t specified. It took only a moment to grab one of each. After all, I reasoned, my son would excel in this new skill and he’d need three of them.

As I began to turn away, I noticed a competitor’s pen set. It was a box with a fine writing instrument, three screw-in sized nibs to give you variety in line width and nine different colored ink cartridges!

The set cost $6.95.

As my heart grappled with the choice before me I reasoned that my son would need the fine set. He was going to be that good and besides, he was my son and I loved him and wanted to give him the best I could. And the three Sanford $.59 cent pens? Why he’d need those for practice, wouldn’t he?

So to the front of the store I marched. My half-dollar purchase now required a ten dollar bill.

It was hard waiting for David to get home from school. Barely inside the door he asked, “Dad, did you remember my pen?” Was I ready for this event!

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked as I pulled the black Sanford pen from the bag. His eyes lit up as he reached for it. “Thanks Dad,” he said as he smiled broadly at me.

He has asked and I had provided and he was thankful. But the saga wasn’t over.

“I thought you could use these as well,” I said, pulling the brown and green pen from the same bag. His excitement could scarcely be contained as he reached for them. I was milking this scene for all it was worth.

When I pulled the $6.95 set from the bag and held it out to him, three things were happening at the same time. First, David was being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of my ‘going-further-than-what-had-been-asked-for’ giving. Second, I was imagining being invited to Focus On The Family to be crowned “Father of the Year.”

And third, God was saying to me, “Paul, never forget how you feel at this moment. It’s the way I feel when I do something special for one of my kids!”

So the next time God opens the bag and hands you more than you asked for, remember, He’s enjoying the moment more than you are!


“Long, long ago he (God) decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ.

(What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving

by the hand of his beloved Son.” Ephesians 1:6 The Message

Enjoy the journey, for God is enjoying taking it with you!

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