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Small gifts, few words, meager resources turn into mighty forces when given to God.

Give Anyway!

  I’m afraid there are many who do little … since they cannot do more. Small tasks get turned down because they’re considered of little consequence. Small opportunities are left at the curb with the motor running while waiting for grander prospects. “I’d give toward that missions project if my gift counted. But what’s my […]

Parts - The Giver   Part 6

Parts – The Giver Part 6

  The gift of ‘Giver’ isn’t about money … only. Givers don’t normally see this gift in themselves, mostly because when any of us hear the word ‘giving’ we think immediately about money. If they have money they give money, but even financially-challenged ‘Givers’ still give – of their time, talents, energy and love. Whatever […]


Giving Is More Fun!

  Long before there was Cyber Monday, Amazon.com, digital store ads and multitudes of television commercials for every imaginable (and some unimaginable) products … there was the Sears catalog. When Richard Sears first used printed mailers to advertise his products in 1888, the time was ripe for mail order business. Fueled by the Homestead Act […]