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Don’t worry … the ending will turn out  good.


Why can’t I trust God like I trust Hallmark movies?

It’s only been a few years that I have been watching Hallmark movies with my wife. (And if this brings my manhood into question, you’ve just not met men in touch with their emotions!)

But I have learned to trust how a Hallmark movie will end. It matters little how the plot evolves … the twists, turns and legendary surprises in the last ten minutes. The story will turn out fine. There will be the proverbial ‘happy ever after’ for every deserving player.

We first meet the boyfriend who has it all … except our sympathy and backing. He’s a workaholic, has a phone stitched to his right ear and isn’t giving the heroine much in terms of attention and understanding. That is, until he’s ready to save the faltering relationship with an engagement ring.

By this time however, the girl is coming to her senses and has met (who we all concur) the perfect match to fulfill her life and give her unbounded happiness for many decades to come.

So after holding our collective breaths for several nail-biting moments, the story ends wonderfully. She gets the right guy and the ex-boyfriend is free to explore why he keeps losing the girls.

I’ve seen enough of these stories to cease worrying. Right from the start.

And do you know why? It’s because the writer has control over what we see in the film. And he or she has determined the outcome before we begin watching it.

So why is it often harder to trust God for the outcome in our lives? Isn’t He the Supreme Scriptwriter according to Psalm 139? Hasn’t He already determined the end of our ‘film’ and taken steps to assure we get what He has lovingly planned?

And haven’t we seen enough of his films of our lives to this point for him to have gained our total trust? If a screenwriter, director and producer can get the actors to the happy ending, can’t God be trusted to do the same?

This week remember, our producer is also our screenwriter as well as a friend who sticks like the closest brother. And if we allow him to be, He’s our director as well.


“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those

who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Romans 8:28 New Living Translation

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