Jesus Wore Just One Hat

crown of thorns

This was his working hat … photo by Soren Pilman




My first hat worn was placed on my head by a nurse, shortly after I was born. It was my ‘son’ hat and I wore it proudly until twenty years later when I placed my ‘husband’ hat over the top of it.

Along the way I’ve worn ‘nephew’ hat, ‘uncle’ hat, ‘father-in-law’ hat ‘brother-in-law’ hat. Then there were the career hats of Christian education director, Associate pastor, regional manager, seminar instructor. The list becomes quite long.

I’d like to believe that I wore some of those hats with distinction and some level of Godly service. Others were worn with little distinction and dubious results. But they’ve all been on my head and told a part of the story of my life.

Jesus also wore many hats during his lifetime. He was ‘healer’, ‘friend of the sinner’, ‘counselor’ to name only three. But one hat mattered most.

It was put on his head just hours before his death. It wasn’t comely or cool looking. It was actually embarrassing to look at. When taken off it was probably discarded with little thought of memorializing it. And yet, we hold it in highest honor over 2,000 years after He wore it.

That hat of thorns was placed on his head to mock him, not to define him or the life He had lived. And yet define him and his mission it certainly did. For He had been born just to die.

His life’s end wasn’t an accident, nor simply the physical results of a body that finally broke down. It was an ending determined before there was time. “ … the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28) KJV

 He wore that crown of thorns so that no matter what hat we wear, it’s worn with the assurance that God loved us enough to wrap his Son in humanity and ask him to wear that hat all the way to the cross.

Be very thankful this week!


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