This Is God’s Battle – And He Will Win!


spiritual battles

Frightened by the spiritual battle we’re in? Take heart and notice what God’s doing!


“Let’s get free of God!

Psalm 2:3 MSG

There is upheaval on the planet!

The kingdoms of this world have chosen to take on God’s eternal Kingdom and its followers. We’re living out the skirmish every day, through every newscast and the actions of people setting their sights on an overthrow.

Our King’s decrees are mocked and scorned. There are no good rules – only walls to be thrown down. “How dare anyone feel they know what’s best for us. The Ten Commandments were out of date the day after they were decreed!”

And so the “… kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed …” Psalm 2:2 NIV   As much as we try to ignore it, the battle intensifies. Rights and privileges that are part of the fiber of God’s Kingdom are being snatched from believers.

  • Support the unborn? Not allowed!
  • Keep marriage pure between a man and a woman? Not allowed!
  • Share our faith through spoken and written words? Not allowed!
  • Warn of impending judgment? Don’t want to hear it!

The list goes on and our discomfort moves toward panic and hopelessness. We worry about being able to hold on to our faith and sanity in the mounting opposition. “Hurry, Lord, hurry and rescue us before all your plans are ruined,” we cry.

And God? What’s his take on all these plots against his people and their futures? He is laughing at the ultimate futility of it all.

His laughter will turn to anger at their insolence. He will not be mocked by anyone or any system. He sits unmoved by the chaos that surrounds us. This is a battle that He wins!

There’s only one way to keep our sanity and peace in the miasma of modern day issues … we must watch our King. Our attitude must be – if He’s not worried then I should cease worrying as well.

We are to represent him righteously. That means taking his side of every issue courageously, yet respectfully. We are light to this dark scenario. We are to be salt creating thirst in the lives of those of the opposition. God’s last day revival is beginning to break in our day!

Let’s allow his impending victory over evil thrill our hearts and move us forward toward that event!


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