A New Year – Yikes or Yippee?

Are you moving into the new year with fear or faith? Does moving into it with God at your side make a difference?


It’s fascinating watching people step from one year into the next.

Some do it nostalgically … glancing back repeatedly and fondly. It’s been a very good year with lots of good memories. They’d take another just like it.

Others do it with relief. They don’t wish to step into another year like they just experienced.

Eternal pessimists expect little to cheer about next year, while their optimistic opposites expect only the best for their lives.

But all of us have something in common concerning the upcoming year. None of us know what will really happen in our lives. Are any of us exactly where we thought we’d be a year ago? How many things ambushed us with sorrow or surprised us with unexpected joy and blessing?

For a believer … those whose Heavenly Father has accepted them into his family, repaired their past and tuned their attention to heaven … going forward is never cause for fear or apprehension.

Under each of us are always the hands and intents of this gracious Father. He knows next year’s path … where it will take us, what we will be confronted with and what it will take to move us through all of it with victory.

Am I implying that only good, comfortable days are in the next 365? No. Some may become sick, lose something or someone dear. Some may encounter turbulent relationships and spiritual bullies. It may even become difficult or dangerous representing Jesus.

On the other hand, God may extend unusual favor or surprise with his faithful presence in many of this coming year’s days. Some may be blessed by meeting a brand new best friend!

But here’s the really good news when we step into the New Year under God’s loving care – we are all living under some astounding promises from God, like:

  • We can live strong and courageously because God will never leave us. (Deuteronomy 31:6)
  • Our peace will not be sporadic or ever lacking because we are trusting Him. (Isaiah 26:3)
  • The Father will deliver us from all of our troubles. (Psalm34:17)
  • God will turn our weaknesses into powerful advantages. (II Corinthians 12:9.10)
  • And while we may be losing some of our strengths and abilities, the important part of us is being constantly renewed (II Corinthians 4:16-18)

And those are just five of the many ways God is creating for you a fabulous year.

Happy New Year!

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