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Are you moving into the new year with fear or faith? Does moving into it with God at your side make a difference?

A New Year – Yikes or Yippee?

  It’s fascinating watching people step from one year into the next. Some do it nostalgically … glancing back repeatedly and fondly. It’s been a very good year with lots of good memories. They’d take another just like it. Others do it with relief. They don’t wish to step into another year like they just […]

God's presence

People Of The Presence

  “Our greatest ministry is the presence we bring to others from having been with Jesus.” Since all of us are theologically and practically ‘in the ministry’ we could all learn an important lesson from this statement. Whether we teach school, fix cars, work in IT, are retired or take a salary from work within […]

God's presence

It’s His Presence That Makes The Difference

“It’s not the court that makes the palace, but the presence of the King!” Campbell McAlpine   “Alone With God”   It wasn’t the big, flat feet of Peter than enabled him to walk on water. It was the presence of the One who called Peter to come. (Matthew 14) It wasn’t the military genius of […]