Why Flee?

The urge to run is strong, but not nearly as strong as the power of the One who protects you!

(“Why Flee” was written over eight years ago and is taken from my book

“Fresh Heart For a New Day” -we need it more today than we did then!)


“For the wicked have strung their bows, drawn their arrows tight against the bowstrings,

and aimed from ambush at the people of God. ‘Law and order have collapsed,’ we are told.

‘What can the righteous do but flee?’”  Psalm 11:2,3 Living Bible

 This is a description of persecution gone viral.

They’re not just slandering … they’re trying to destroy us! They’re not just snide, but vicious. They don’t just want us put down, but taken out.

Never underestimate the intentions of Satan. Scripture makes it clear that he moves about seeking anyone he can devour. And his objective puts a bulls eyes on the back of anyone who doesn’t follow him. Make no mistake, this is not a friendly picnic tug-of-war where the winners and losers will all share potato salad and ribs when the contest is over. This is serious.

What is one to do who has had war declared against him? King David’s advisors had looked at the looming conflict and had come up with the only option they felt he had.

Flee. Run from the threat. At least put your head in the sand so you won’t see what’s coming!

But they were addressing the warrior king, the one who in fighting a lion, bear and Goliath knew there was never just one option. Not as long as he had a God in heaven … a Friend in the highest place!

“How dare you tell me, ‘Flee to the mountains for safety,’ when I am trusting in the Lord?” he thunders. Listen to the rest of his impassioned rebuttal: “ …the Lord is still in his holy temple; he still rules from heaven. He closely watches everything that happens here on earth. He puts the righteous and the wicked to the test; he hates those loving violence. He will rain down fire and brimstone on the wicked and scorch them with his burning wind. For God is good, and he loves goodness; the godly shall see his face.”

 Remember this … when the enemy comes in like a flood (he will and does), God will raise up a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19). Ultimately this is not your war. You are called to bear arms and stand your ground and fling your stone at the enemy. But it’s God’s battle and He will win it and we will have all of eternity to celebrate the victory.

This week, don’t think about fleeing … think about trusting.

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