Here Am I, Send Me

God’s asking us a serious question and we must answer it correctly. “Who will go?”


With the reversal of Roe Vs Wade this week, the ensuring angst running amok in our cities and the blatant disregard to God by many and the outright fists shaken in His face… these can be frightening times.

But along with the troubles bubbling up around us, there appears clear evidence that God is on the move to a world-wide awakening of his righteousness and power showing up just as we’ve asked of Him. Millions of intercessors around the world have been praying, believing and waiting to see this happen.

It strikes me as odd that some Christians consider this move of God unlikely and improbable but there is now an awakened remnant of believers who are fully expecting such a needed visitation from God.

At his juncture I feel a bit like Isaiah and his call to ministry. God lays out the sins of his people and chronicles their failures, but also reveals his intentions to revive their faith again.

Although Isaiah knows God personally and speaks to Him as a friend, his response to God’s call starts with a dilemma. He tells God “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.” Isaiah 6:5 NIV

After an angel touches his mouth with a live coal from the altar, he declares that Isaiah’s sin and guilt have been removed.  Now, what is a person with unclean lips, living among other people of unclean lives do … when he has seen the King of glory and had his sins taken away?

He or she needs to be ready because God is probably going to ask them a question. It’s one of the most important and life-altering questions for God to ask any of us.

So pay attention and give the right answer!

“Who shall I send and who will go?” The right answer for a cleansed person living in an unclean world is: “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

 For the most part, the righteous have been living in the shadows… hiding behind stained glass windows, waiting for their redemption. They’ve felt ‘out of it’ and not sure how to proceed.

When God asks “Who will go?” – it’s not a hypothetical question. He really wants to hear “Here am I. Send me!”

So Father, send us to the gender-confused… to the homeless and hopeless… to the arrogant who really harbor frightened hearts. Send us to the hard places, the scary places… to places where your voice of love hasn’t been heard.

Don’t let us miss this moment!

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