Dreaming and creativity… what a powerful duo from Holy Spirit. Lost your dream? Get it back… God’s going to use it.


Why would God have given Holy Spirit to journey within us and align us with the Father’s heart and intentions… if we had nothing to respond with?

Last week we looked at FLEXIBILITY, and spoke of getting some movement back in our spirits that’s been unused, rusty and embarrassingly creaky . We need some spiritual ‘physical therapy’ to rid ourselves of spiritual arthritis.

Now we look at CREATIVITY.

Creativity is born of dreams and everyone has (or has had) dreams. When the Creator formed each of us, He wired our DNA to determine more than height, hair color and which hand we’d use to write with.

He also fused into us his plans of what our lives would discover and pursue. Almost anyone can answer the question “If you had all the money and resources you’d need, what would you do with your life?” Kids come up with the answer to this quite easily. Adults, not so easily.

Sadly, many of us have been ‘talked out of our dreams’ by the weight of life as we age. Few reach adulthood with dreams intact. Satan love destroying God-given dreams. He tried it with shepherd boy David waiting for the throne he had been anointed for… with Joseph waiting for his dream of leadership to come… with Moses whose call by God required many years of wilderness dwelling.

But creativity always requires a dream to fuel it.

We look around and see something that needs changing or building or invented. Something stirs within us (it’s a pushed down dream). We are told (or if nobody else will tell us we tell ourselves) that we’re not qualified, smart enough, rich enough or that we don’t know the right people. And the dream quietly slips back into its place.

However… this is your dreams place!

It’s within you on purpose. Once you acknowledge that dream, creativity becomes God’s gift to bring that dream to reality. Author Max Lucado said, “…when your dreams connect with God’s plans, you’ll find open doors that you never thought you’d see.”  Christian author Luke McElroy asks, “What if our role in culture is to show off the beauty and mystery of God through the beauty and mystery of creativity, technology, media and music?” Let’s take this further… what if your dream fits into God’s plan to enlarge his Kingdom? Can He use it for his purposes? Absolutely! Will you allow Him to do so? That’s your question for this week!

“These things I have spoken to you while being present with you.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name,

 He will teach you all things…” John 14:25

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