I Really Need To Hear You

So true… but if you really, really want to –  you will. God’s just waiting to give you what you need.

Everyone wants my attention.

My wife loves it. My grand-dogs demand it. Advertisers need it… and I have just so much to spread around. I NEED TO PRIORITIZE!

Obviously, my family deserves it and should get it in copious amounts. But there is Someone else waiting patiently for my attention and if there’s anyone I want to connect with, it’s Him! We’ve been together since before I was born, because He’s the One who formed me and created me for his purposes.

I need to hear his voice above all others.

But it’s so noisy right now… so loud that I can’t hear anything. I need God’s voice to remind me of those ‘green meadows and peaceful streams’ (Psalm 23:2) to swallow up the noise.

And it’s incredibly scary right now. So many things are going ‘bump’ in the night of my soul. There are dangers everywhere… lawlessness everywhere. The protectors of our society are under tremendous pressure and are bailing on us. Could you speak to my soul about your care that both protects and comforts me? (Psalm 23:4)

I desperately need to hear your voice in my world right now.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed how tired I am. Just the normal 9-5 lasts way too long! I feel overcome at times by an invading weariness that begins inside of me and works its way out into my hands, feet and thinking. You’ve said it to me before, but I need to hear it again, right now. You said to come if I was weary and my burden felt heavy. Well, here I am. Speak softly yet powerfully those words “… and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 28:11) I gladly welcome the rest that only You can give.

I just need to hear your voice. I’ll quiet myself, get away from any and all noisy distractions and listen with all my heart.

Right now I need your compassion (Psalm 145:9), your steadfast loving attention (I Chronicles 16:34), your refreshing (Psalm 19:7), your strength (Isaiah 40:31), your specific plans for my life  (Jeremiah 29:11) and your intimate and oh-so-satisfying friendship (Psalm 25:14).

I am so thankful that You hear me… even as I long (with all my heart) to hear You.


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