Living Wisely

We may start off fine, but finishing well is what really counts. God’s a great ‘life race’ Coach!


“Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” 

Psalm 90:12 MSG


This was the cry of the heart of Moses, the man of God. I doubt he wrote this as a young man… I see him as more ‘elderly’ than young and fresh. Kind of like I am at this time of my life.

Feel free to call me a ‘seasoned saint.’ I have learned a thing or two over eight decades of following Jesus. Many lessons came hard and took time and patience and obedience to learn while other challenges came more easily.

Joanie and I started life together as a 20 and 18 year old couple. (I realize that the ages of 20 and 18 don’t go with the next two words… ‘old couple.’) We were eager to get started with God’s plan for our lives, yet needing to decide what was necessary to living or just a desire for accumulated stuff probably not needed. (Which later provided the foundation for several garage sales!)

That procuring and then later realizing them as burdens, is complicating work when just starting out. We wanted a car, a family and enough goods to make life comfortable and stable. And by our 10th anniversary we were well along that path. And we were loving Jesus and His people. So far so good!

With fuller and fuller rooms and garages, and the desire to slowdown a bit, we began looking at life differently. We made choices based more on what we felt God wanted for our ‘later years.’ Each of our many moves was accompanied by the ‘weeding out’ that which we felt were no longe important.

Eventually our big house on four acres became a burden to our age and goals, so we now find ourselves living in a cute home with half the square footage, less yard work and more time for living life and giving more attention to family, friends and more specifically specific directions from Jesus our Life Planner.

As you kook back, take the time to remember what brought joy and satisfaction and dump those that bring sorrow and regret. Grieve it and then leave it, God has great plans for that which right before you.

So here are  my conclusions…

·      Ditch the bad memories – concentrate on those that make you smile

·      Discard grumpy friends – hang around with happy believers

·      Turn off perpetual bad news outlets – make your favorite channel “God’s Good News”

·      Chuck non-essentials – grab onto things and people with eternal value

·      Leave old ruts – find new life in fresh environments and destinations

·      If your family is fractured, pray and plead for a family revival

“Watch out that you do not lose

what we have worked so hard to achieve.”

2 John 8 NLT

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