Prepare For A Change!

A shorter devotional for busier days and too much social media coming at us!

This is the 20th Year of my weekly devotional called “Fresh Heart For a New Week.” They began at a time when it was unusual to receive a devotion or message of any kind on our phones or tablets and so initially, length of message wasn’t an issue. Fast forward to 2024 when our lives are literally inundated hourly by those trying to get our attention, get us to buy something or just amuse us. Now they’re drowning us!  

I began with devotional thoughts of roughly 300-350 words – then the ‘preacher’  in me started exerting itself and my words expanded and, well… you know what happens. So here’s the deal; I still wish to share with you a spiritual thought or idea which will make walking with Jesus as delightful as possible and give you something to mentally munch on in as few words as possible. I will eventually change the look, but give you a short, succinct and thought provoking word that can move you closer to Jesus. Below is the first one. And thanks for your part in reading what I have given you.


As I drove the recreational ATV with my young nephew on my lap, he wanted to take the wheel, then the gas pedal. As he steered, he would head for a large boulder in front of us. When I took control of the steering and his feet handled the gas pedal, suddenly our speed approached the take off characteristics of a plane leaving the runway!

We all at times have trouble with our speed and our direction in our journey. We really need God controlling both our speed and direction. Without direction, speed becomes meaningless and having the right direction in mind becomes meaningless if we aren’t moving toward it.

There is only One who knows how to control our journey and has amazing control of life’s speed and destination.  He’s got all the qualifications we often lack.

“I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you

along the best pathway for your life;

I will advise you and watch your progress.”

Psalm 32:8 TLB

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