From Obvious To Real

God knows that there’s more to your story than you realize. Look past the obvious/look for the real!


We can all be fooled, but don’t be misled by the outward and obvious. Real life is often camouflaged. Lazarus’ life was hidden in a tomb. Daniel’s life was tucked away in a ‘den of death,’ surrounded by hungry lions. The lives of the three Hebrew children were hidden inside a ferocious blast furnace. Elijah’s future was temporarily tied to a dried-up brook. Hosea’s ministry potential was linked to the acute embarrassment of an unfaithful wife. Gideon starts his resume hiding from local thugs.

Lazarus came back to life. The hungry lions found the prepared meal less than desirous. The Hebrew men found heaven’s ‘fire eater’ alongside them. Elijah found his assignment wasn’t finished. Hosea learned to fall in love again and Gideon found he had more than enough soldiers to overcome 400 to 1 odds.

What you presently have is not always what God wants you to get. Consider this – He knew you’d be alive right now, … begin to ask Him why!

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.

    Before you were born I set you apart;”  Jeremiah 1:5 NLT



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