Give Anyway!

Small gifts, few words, meager resources turn into mighty forces when given to God.


I’m afraid there are many who do little … since they cannot do more. Small tasks get turned down because they’re considered of little consequence. Small opportunities are left at the curb with the motor running while waiting for grander prospects.

  • “I’d give toward that missions project if my gift counted. But what’s my $25 in the overall budget of $10,000?” Gideon would have taken his 300 men home because those were the odds of his facing 120,000 Mideonites in battle. (Judges 6)
  • “I wouldn’t mind teaching a Sunday School class for adults. But I feel my time would be wasted on 2nd and 3rd graders Many years ago in Scotland a minister was challenged by one of his deacons, suggesting that his ministry hadn’t had but person added to the church in the previous year. “And he’s only a boy” said the deacon. But years later that ‘boy’ Robert Moffat, became the great African missionary who saw multitudes won to Christ.
  • “I’d share my lunch to help out, but it wouldn’t make it past the second person in line.” So because of a ‘what is this among so many’ attitude, 5,000 plus hungry people miss the miraculous meal still talked two thousand years later! (Mark 6)

I know of a man in Kenya who has delivered the Gospel to tens of thousands of homes and personally led a multitude to Jesus. What brought the Gospel to him? A single Gospel tract costing less than a nickel. Not a bad return on a very small investment!

We have heard it said (and sung) that “little is much when God is in it.” Do we believe that? Why are we hesitant to offer our meager resources over to his multiplying miracle power? God isn’t wowed by huge gifts to his Kingdom. He often starts small and builds into eye-popping majesty.

Unfaithfulness typically begins with holding back the little things we believe are insignificant… treating them with indifference. But it keeps us from with partnering with a God of great creativity and staggering abilities..

However, on the positive side, there are miracles of every sort contained in the tiny spiritual seeds of our obedience in actions, words and gifts. Though small, when accumulated by God, added to by his power and direction, can turn this world inside out.

Don’t hoard until you have enough to give. Give what you have right now.

Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly. And give according to what you have,

 not what you don’t have.” II Corinthians 8:12 NLT













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