The ‘Lostsa People Syndrome’

You don’t need extraordinary strength – you’ve got an extraordinary God. His strength is more than enough!


There is a bold, outright lie that many Christians believe and can affect the outcome of our present battle with evil’s attempt to destroy our world. Here it is:

“If we don’t represent an overwhelming majority,

we can’t make a difference. We must have consensus!”

 It’s called the ‘Lotsa People Syndrome.’ It denigrates the value of an individual soldier. It reduces us all to insignificance. It robs the power of God which longs to work through our weakness to bring about great victories.

Look carefully and analyze most of the Old Testament battles. The people of God rarely had a numerical advantage. Gideon (Judges 7) was outnumbered 4 to 1 until God helped him even the odds… and sent him into battle with a 400 to one ratio! And watch your attitude here – be careful you don’t say sarcastically, “Way to help out God!”

God loves to do a lot with a few!

When three nations joined to destroy the people of  God (II Chronicles 20) He actually took little notice of the inequality of the battle and said through a prophet, “Be not afraid or dismayed at this great multitude…” God knew precisely what Israel was facing and already knew it was far more than they could handle, because He finished that sentence with these words: “The battle is not yours but God’s! II Chronicles 20:15 AMP

Here’s what we are to do when facing the news we hear daily. Quit fearing. Quit jousting with powers bigger, stronger and more wicked than our minds can conceive. Stop being afraid… stop it all right now!

Here’s how we are to help: “You need not fight in this battle; take your positions, stand and witness the salvation of the Lord who is with you.” II Chronicles 20:17 AMP

 Don’t mistake these instructions. Fear must be driven out. Then, and only then, can we ‘take up our positions’ of prayer and authority over all the works of the enemy (Luke 10:19) It’s not the bulk and sheer numbers that win spiritual victories… it is individual believers who begin believing – believing that God is bigger than anything thrown against Him and his family. It’s believing that prayer is mightier in its outcome than the biggest army, the biggest threats.

In a nutshell… quit doubting that God can and will and start looking for evidence that He’s doing it right now.

“One of you routs a thousand, because the Lord your God fights for you, 

just as he promised.” Joshua 23:10 NIV


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