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Heaven’s Heroes

Heaven’s Heroes   It’s been on the schedule since before creation and we’ve waited to participate in it since we first heard it announced. The rewards for Christian service are about to be given out. We stand with attention transfixed on the judgment seat of Christ. (II Corinthians 5:10) The throng cannot be numbered and […]

We need to pray

Getting Along Without Prayer

We need to pray! –       When Abraham needed a son to complete God’s promise and purpose for his life, he had to pray. –       When he desired for his family living in Sodom to escape God’s justice, he had to pray. –       When Moses needed  to stop the poisonous snakes decimating the people of Israel, he […]

Is It Time To Pray Now?

A Blog for Parents   Two vital questions for parents: Do you pray daily for your children? What do you pray when you pray? Parenting carries multiple responsibilities. We are to love, care for, provide for, guide, encourage, set boundaries, teach personal responsibility and pass on our faith. Not an easy agenda in the best […]